Our Fees

Specialist fees for private outpatient consultations:

  • New consultation fee
  • Follow up consultation fee

Outpatient ENT Specialist Procedure Fees include:

  • Ear microsuction fee
  • Rigid nasal sinus endoscopy fee
  • Flexible fibreoptic nasolaryngoscopy fee
  • Pure tone audiogram fee
  • Cauterisation of nose

Please note that :

  • Specialist Procedure fees are billed in addition to consultation fees
  • Hospital charges are not included and may be billed separately and in addition to the specialist’s fees
  • Hospital charges for outpatient specialist procedures vary between hospitals

For Self Paying Patients

  • Consultant fees are only part of the cost of private medical treatment
  • You may also receive hospital bills
  • There may be further bills for scans, blood tests and private prescriptions
  • We will do our best to estimate the total cost of your first appointment in advance and it is therefore important to ring/email for these details prior to your appointment

For insured patients

  • Please check with your insurance company what your policy covers
  • Any exclusions or financial limits or will you have to pay an excess?
  • Private prescription drugs are not usually covered on insurance policies
  • Please bring your claim form or pre-authorisation number with you to all appointments

Responsibility for payment

Please remember that, as a private patient, payment is your personal responsibility, although many medical insurance companies will settle the account directly on your behalf.

Bad debt policy

We strive to provide an excellent and efficient service and it is rare that any of our patients default on paying their accounts. For the tiny minority who avail themselves of our time and expertise but do not pay their bills, our policy is to send two reminders, then pursue the debt through a debt collection agency or the small claims court.