Private Consultation Appointments

The private office is run by Mrs. Louise Milford (RGN), Practice Manager and appointments can be made directly BUT if you have private health insurance a GP referral is usually required.

Contact details:
The Manor Hospital
Beech Road
Tel : 01865 792139
Fax : 01865 792139
E mail :

We prefer to speak to you directly before a consultation. We can then

  • advise what tests or procedures may be needed
  • book an appointment at a convenient time and place
  • give you an estimate of costs
  • obtain your insurance details if you have private health insurance
  • We normally expect a letter of referral from your GP, but this is not essential. If you want to use your Private Medical Insurance policy, do check the Terms and Conditions - most say you have to be referred by your GP. We do not need to receive the referral letter before booking your appointment , we can book your appointment in advance